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More than a decade ago, the hot topics in the business development looked down into four key reasons: One was just raw Capacity. The second was Speed. The third reason was the need for some specific Expertise. And the fourth was Innovation. In the recent years, Innovation has risen from the bottom to the top of the list. The trend is the growing acknowledgement of innovation as a centerpiece of corporate strategies and initiatives. The more senior the executives, the more likely they are to frame their companies’ needs in the context of innovation. They’re all searching for the worthwhile innovation that strengthens the company. But many companies shy away from novel solutions. Moreover, they tend to believe that truly creative individuals are few and far between. We believe the opposite. You all have a creative side, and it can flourish if you spawn a culture to encourage it, one that embraces risks and wild ideas and tolerates the occasional failure. We’ve seen it happen. If you want to have a chance at success, you’d have to lead.
Loosely described, new ideas come from seeing, smelling, hearing – being there. Seeing and hearing things with your own eyes and ears is a critical first step in improving creating a breakthrough innovation. The methodology of Innovation begins with five basic steps:
- Understanding : perceived constraints on the problem, challenge those constrains, but understand current perceptions.
- Observe : find out what make them behaved in real-life situations
- Visualize : view in new-to-the-world concepts, brain-storming, prototyping.
- Refine : plan on a series of improvement
- Implement : put the new concept for commercialization.
Today companies seem to have an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge, expertise, methodologies, and work practices for innovation. The purpose of “1 Click Idea” web site is to help satisfy some of that thirst, drawing on various experiences from the “front lines” of more than a hundred development programs. These experiences are direct and immediate, earned from practical application, not management theory. One of the advantages of our front-lines experience is that we’ve collected a wealth of contemporary success stories from leading companies around the world. We’ve linked those organizational achievements to specific methodologies and tools you can use. Whether you are a senior executive, a product manager, an R&D team leader, or a business unit manager, the “1 Click Idea” will takes readers behind the scenes of the companies to reveal the strategies and secrets they use to turn out hit after hit. The “1 Click Idea” provides business leaders with the insights and tools they need to make their companies the leading-edge top-rated stars of their industries.
However, Innovation isn’t about perfection. You’ve got to shank a few before you swing smoothes out. Methodology alone is not enough. And brainstorming is not just a valuable creative tool at the fuzzy end of projects. There are specific elements we believe will help you and your company to be more innovative. But it’s not a matter of simply following directions. Our approach to new idea and innovation is part of secret recipe. Our “secret formula” is actually not very formulaic. It’s blend of methodologies, work practices, culture, and infrastructure into a single phase that making sure the individuals don’t waste too much energy spinning their wheels on a tough problem when the collective wisdom of the team can get them “unstuck” in less than an hour. This is no drab and dreary academic tour. But “1 Click Idea” creates very cool “stuff of all sorts. And the case studies-from grocery carts to toothpaste tube, electronic doodads to obscure medical devices-breathe life into practically every page of the web site.
Success depends on both what you do and how you do it. Try it yourself. Get out there and observe the results. You know the drill. The next time you’re knee deep in a challenging project, don’t forget the true spirit of innovation.
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Business Innovation Management

To provide the foundation of innovation management and understanding the circumstance that builds up the innovation organization.To understand an integrative framework of models innovation that allow the organization to profit from innovation.To identify the definition of value chain management and value chain innovation and how impact to the organization.To understand the convergence and transformation of the industry from the old economy to the new economy.To develop strategic decision and employ the techniques in respond to the radical changing business nature and competitive environment.To provide detailed case descriptions that give a real life and depth account of how innovative companies today are developing competitive advantage from doing business.
Mr. Phanu Limmanont is Executive Management
in conglomerate company in Thailand. He has almost 20 years experiences in not only Business
Innovation Management, Strategic Innovation Process, Product Marketing in Information Technology, Retail and Service but also proven trade record in sales both Volume Sales and Corporate accounts.     He is also a special Instructor in Innovation Management of College Management Mahidol University.
Specialized Competency
: : Personal Profile Development
: : Leadership and Team Building development
: : Talent Development and Enhancement
: : Competency Management Skill
: : Business Venture Development/Business Simulation Strategy
: : Strategic Business Innvation Management
: : Customer Relationship Management
: : Strategic Entrepreneurship for Business plan
: : Relationship Marketing/Brand Innovation
: : Business Improvement and Productivity
What do you expect from ..From Various Comments
Innovation and creative thinking Process which can be applied to my present job as well as knowing the moving of competitors Continuing performance improvement to stay in new modern earth To know the key of innovation management How to collect many ideas into systemical steps. To know how to develop the successful new product/service. Use concept of innovation management in my work [apply and develop] Practice on innovation management in various cases. Understand the tips of sustain innovation in organisation. Able to develop competitive advantage in business by using value chain innovation. Gain valuable knowledge in terms of
strategy tactic innovatively Innovative Idea, Management Concept, Innovation Management Framework. To understand the foundation and framework of the innovation and to be able to develop strategy innovation.

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