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Start up Who said…you can’t do it? (Thai Version)

This book explain how to inspiration your dream with technique of developing creativity idea to business model and manage to trategic business plan with action implemention.

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Techniques of Key Account Management Major Account Plan (Thai Version)

means far more than just selling products to big customers. It revolves around handling the customers who play a strategic role in the growth of a supplier. KAM is also an approach which includes developing long term relationships with strategic customers whose needs you understand in depth, and for whom you develop a special offer with a differential advantage over the offers of competitors. The goal of any Key Account Manager is to keep customers feeling ‘glad’ about their relationship including any purchase(s) by identifying and solving past, current and future problems.

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750 ฿
Managing For Maximum Competency Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

The principles of competency management are straightorward. The goal is to define the capabilities your organization needs to meet its objectives-capabilities thatcambine skills, knowledge, personal characteristics,experience and all the other elements you recruit into youremployee base. Once defined, these competencies can beused as the framework for measuring both existing employees and prospective recruits, as well as for collatingaggregate information about your workforce’s collectivestrengths and weaknesses.

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750 ฿
Techniques of Developing Project Management (Thai Version)

Developing plans and strategies for Modern Marketing today is the most challenging it has ever been. There is an incredible and increasing choice of interactive devices, platforms and channels that potential customers use from smart phones and tablets to social networks and search engines. Investment in traditional channels such as TV, Print and Radio is declining, but they remain an essential part of integrated campaigns for many businesses. This definition of Modern marketing rightly emphasizes the focus of marketing on the customer, while at the same time implying a need to link to other business operations to achieve profitability. The Five Tenets of Modern Marketing are (1) Target Opportunity (2) Engagement (3) Conversion (4) Analysis (5) Market Technology and Social Media.

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850 ฿
Techniques of Developing Project Management (Thai Version)

Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals in scientific or daily problems. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast with business as usual (or operations), which are repetitive, permanent, or semi-permanent functional activities to produce products or services. In practice, the management of these two systems is often quite different, and as such requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints. The primary constraints are scope, time, quality and budget. The secondary and more ambitious challenge is to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet pre-defined objectives.

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650 ฿
Course Training Workshop and Practice (Thai Version) Price :
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Business Portfolio Strategy for Product/Service and Stock Trading (Thai Version)

The collection of products and services provided by a company. Many businesses will engage in business portfolio analysis as part of their strategic planning efforts by categorizing the products they offer by relative competitive position and rate of sales growth. It also provides the concepts and strategies necessary to create real strategic alternatives by clustering the product or service or even apply for stock trade (Buy and Sell), estimate accurately the value of each product/service bundle alternatives sales (Increase/New/Maintain/Opportunity), and understand the risks strategy involved in each. It supplies a framework for choosing between alternatives on 4D Ultraman Model, for making tradeoffs between risk and opportunities, and for understanding how decision will be made in portfolio matrix.

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Overview of Increasing Knowledge in Business Model and Strategic Managementto Creativity and Innovation from Core
Business to Retail Business
(Thai Version) 

The book explains the overview content from 11 books which involves with strategic thinking and practical management starting from Strategic Business Innovation Management, Customer Relationship Management, Technique of Developing Business Model and Business Practice, Technique of Developing Strategic Business Plan, Retail Management Strategy, Technique of Developing Creativity Idea and Thinking Process with Managing Idea Innovation Booklet, Technique of Developing Business Model Generation Booklet, Technique of Developing SME Strategic Business Plan Booklet, Technique of Developing CRM Strategic Roadmap Booklet, Technique of Developing Retail Management Strategy Booklet and Business Culture Innovation Practice Booklet.

Price : 350 ฿
Creativity Innovation Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

This book explains Creativity is about unleashing the potential of the mind to conceive new ideas. Those concepts could manifest themselves in any number of ways However, creative ideas can also be thought experiments within one person’s mind. Creativity is subjective, making it hard to measure, as our creative friends assert. Innovation, on the other hand, is completely measurable. Innovation is about introducing change into relatively stable systems. It’s also concerned with the work required to make an idea viable. By identifying an unrecognized and unmet need, an organization can use innovation to apply its creative resources to design an appropriate solution and reap a return on its investment. Using design thinking, organizations can capitalize on creativity by paying attention to the life of the idea after its initial development. To be of value, applied creativity must always lead to innovation linking a great idea with an actual customer need (or, better yet, the needs of a whole market!). The use of design thinking with several techniques in this manner also demands the guidance of engaged in steps of implementation which is outlined in this book.

Price : 850 ฿
Business Model Generation Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

Business Model Generation is a strategic management tool which provides a framework for creating economic, social, and/or other forms of value. The term business model is thus used for a broad range of informal and formal descriptions to represent core aspects of a business, including purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational processes and policies. This booklet provides simple, easy-to-use concepts and techniques to help you and your team conduct successful idea generation from concept into cash sessions, particularly in conjunction with individual and team creativity insights based on innovation guideline canvas technique.

Price : 650 ฿
SME Strategic Business Plan Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

Business planning is necessary for company growth and success. Business plans provide companies with the tools to track growth, establish a budget and prepare for unforeseen changes in the market place. A strategic plan includes many elements a business can utilize to attract financing and manage company objectives. To optimize
strategic business planning, businesses must clearly define company core values goals objectives mission and resources with its market opportunities and conduct extensive research to properly understand industry trends.

Price : 850 ฿
Business Culture Innovation Practice-Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

Guideline Canvas Learn to Use the key tool for describing and analyzing organization culture with inspiration your working direction and consider how you want to align you work life. Engage how to use Guideline Canvas with Core Value and apply into your working life and just do it to make it all Happen to your department with story to tell the success story.

Price : 450 ฿
CRM Strategic Roadmap (Thai Version)

A CRM road map is strategic plan that identifies how an organization can meet and exceed its customers’ need. This includes, but is not limited to, assessing how the sales, Marketing and service entities work together to 1) gain insight from their customer 2) product valuable offerings/products 3)provide the ultimate customer experience.

Price : 750 ฿
Retail Management Strategy Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

Retail Strategy is defined as “ A clear and definite plan that retailer outlines to tap the market and build a long term relationship with the consumer”.A retail strategy mix also involves a combination of factors: location, operations, goods/services offered, pricing, atmosphere and customer services, and promotion. To flourish, a firm should strive to be dominant in some aspect of its strategy and thus reach power retailer status.

Price : 750 ฿
Managing for Maximum Competency Booklet Tool Kit (Thai Version)

The principles of competency management are straight forward. The goal is to define the capabilities your organization needs to meet its objectives-capabilities that combine skills, knowledge, personal characteristics, experience and all the other elements you recruit into your employee base. Once defined, these competencies can be used as the framework for measuring both existing employees and prospective recruits, as well as for collating aggregate information about your workforce’s collective
strengths and weaknesses.

Price : 750 ฿
Strategic Business Innovation Management 7th Edition (Thai Version)

Strategic Business Innovation Book in Thailand. Include Theory, Analysis, and Several Case Studies Analysis of Creativity and Innovation Management. Few companies understand how such innovation occurs and how to encourage it. To foster new management ideas and techniques, companies first need to understand the typical stages in the management innovation process. Instead of searching with in the conventional boundaries of industry competition, managers can look methodically across those boundaries to fine unoccupied territory that represents real value innovation.

Price : 450 ฿
Strategic Business Plan 3rd Edition (Thai Version)

Technique how to develop strategic business plan using the well analytical tool to develop strategic map with standard worksheets and example cases.

Price : 350 ฿
Customer Relationship Management 5th Edition (Thai Version)

The Conceptual Framework of Customer Relationship Management and how to build up enhance, and how to set the organization strategy to sustain and making the loyalty customer. Include the example model of CRM in the Big Firms.

Price : 450 ฿
Retail Management Strategy (Thai Version)

The book begin to explain the definition and principle of retail management from the marketing standpoint to customer perspective and also explains an integrative framework structure from The World of Retailing, Retail Strategy and the Merchandise Management, Store Management and Customer Service.

The book will also explain Location Analysis, Pricing, Retail Communication, Retail organization, CRM and SCM together with Planning Assortment and Buying Merchandise.

Price : 350 ฿
Business Model 3rd Edition (Thai Version)

A framework of Business Model from the idea generation to the concept into the alternative model with the aspects of business commercial value, strategic plan, organizational structure, operation process, business practice and employee engagement on the collaboration and project management.

Price : 350 ฿
Mastering Business Planning and Strategy (English)

Paul Elkin provides a practical guide to developing successful business plans and strategies. ‘Mastering Business Planning and Strategy’ looks at practical techniques for profiling the business and the competition, analysing the market, mastering strategic thinking, positioning for marketplace success, option appraisal and strategic decision making, as well as implementing and managing change.

Price : 990 ฿
Gurus on Business Strategy (English)

Here is a one-stop guide to the world’s most important thinkers and writers on business strategy. It expertly summarises all the key strategic concepts and describes the work and contribution of each of the leading thinkers in the field. It goes on to analyse the pro’s and con’s of many of the key theories in practice and offers two enlightening case-studies. The third section of the book provides a series of detailed checklists to help you to develop your own strategy.

Price : 990 ฿
Successful Business Planning (English)

Using a real company case history, Norton Paley explains the techniques of building a strategic business plan; he then shows you how to develop a one-year tactical section and link it to the strategic section. Packed with histories and checklists.

Price : 1,190 ฿
Successful Contract Negotiation (English)

The book opens with a description of the legal basis for contract negotiations, then examines the mechanics of company organisation, delegated authority and fall-back positions. It is a highly readable book, designed to boost contract negotiating skills and confidence. The result will be improved profits, reduced risk and better business relationships.

Price : 1,390 ฿
Customer Relationship Management (English)

Demonstrates how every customer is in some way unique and how to segment them by value, pattern and buying criteria. Explains the techniques of ‘customerized selling’ and provides strategies for developing a business where every customer’s need is not just provided for but anticipated.

Price : 1,090 ฿
Out of the Box Marketing (English)

How to skyrocket your profits – this treasure trove of a book is crammed full of time-tested strategies and techniques to help you to get more customers, get more out of your customers and to keep them coming back for more. This really is the ultimate, hands-on, ‘paint by numbers’ guide to help you achieve rapid business success.

Price : 990 ฿
Marketing your Service Business (English)

“An enlightening and rewarding read…. All the nuances of segmentation, positioning, pricing, promotion, service delivery and gaining customer feedback in a services context are explored, and Ruskin-Brown even adds a couple of new elements to the mix – time and resource… The book is aimed squarely at the practitioner and is full of useful case studies… those looking for expert advice on marketing their service business or using services to gain a competitive advantage need look no further than this accessible and useful guide”

” The Marketer “Those looking for expert advice on marketing their service business or using services to gain a competitive advantage, need look no further than this accessible and useful guide”

Price : 1,190 ฿
Gurus on Marketing (English)

one stop resume of the major ‘gurus’ who have had a critical influence on marketing thinking and development.

This is much more than just a series of summaries, Sultan has worked directly with many of the figures in this book. It’s enabled him to summarise, contrast and comment on the key concepts with knowledge, depth and insight.

He describes the key ideas of each ‘guru’, places them in context and explains their significance. He shows you how they’ve been applied in practice, looks at their pros and cons and includes the view of other expert writers. He ends each chapter with a summary of key elements and lessons to take on board.

Price : 990 ฿
Gurus On People Management (English)

Managers HAVE to manage people. It is the most difficult and yet the most rewarding function. This book is more than just a summary of the key concepts, it offers valuable insights into their application and value including national and international real-life case studies that reflect some of the key issues of managing people.

Price : 990 ฿
The Inside Track to Successful Management (English)

Best-selling author Dr Gerald Kushel demonstrates the importance of personal power in relation to professional power and shows how one can be converted into the other. Achieving personal power is in essence the ability to manage oneself. The reader is shown how to manage one’s image, improve professional assertiveness, manage time, reduce stress and manage others more effectively. The Inside Track to Successful Management shows the way to effective thinking, which will lead to improved job performance, job satisfaction and personal life satisfaction.

Price : 1,390 ฿
Mastering Leadership (English)

Without a grasp of what true leadership implies you cannot hope to develop a really effective team. With telling insight, Michael Williams shows what distinguishes truly high-achieving teams from the rest of the pack.

“A must-read for anyone who wants to becvome a better leader. Easy to read and packed full of practical advice about to make things happen. A complete course on business leadership and personal development.”

Price : 990 ฿
The Concise Adair on Creativity and Innovation (English)

This book encapsulates all of Professor Adair’s writing on how to recruit the right people for your organisation, team training, generation of ideas, communication and overcoming obstacles, the key characteristics of innovators and how to organise and use them to best effect.

Price : 690 ฿
Seven Steps of Effective Executive Coaching (English)

Based on the author’s extensive research and consultancy practice, the book builds on the GROW coaching model and introduces a new model which involves 5 core capabilities and a 7-step process – The Achieve Coaching model.

“There are some books that really make a contribution to the body of knowledge of the subject. This book is one of those. It is objective and research based É It grabs ones interest and holds it with very clear readable language.

Price : 900 ฿
Niche Marketing For Coaches (English)

Niche Marketing for Coaches is the essential handbook for building
a life coaching, executive coaching or business coaching practice.Based on years of first-hand, practical experience this book shows
you how to transform yourself from being just another coach into
someone who stands out to your clients as the natural and only choice.

Price : 990 ฿
Financial Reporting and Analysis (English)

This is an advance text to the statutor y requirement and accounting standards employed in financial reports. The book assumes that readers have a reasonable working knowledge of reading financial reports such as balance sheets. The book should provide the reader with the skills necessary to be able to analyse the various types of financial statements and reports.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Understanding Accounts 2nd Edition (English)

This simple but invaluable book provides an explanation of how to interpret and prepare balance sheets and other simple accounts that is unrivalled in its clarity. Users include students of accounting and finance, business managers and self-employed people who need a quick course in understanding accounting information. With numerous worked examples and samples of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, the book guides the reader through all the basic skills of business analysis including depreciation, ratios, double entry bookkeeping and specialised presentations.

Price : 767 ฿
Modern Accounting in the Financial Services (English)

A best-selling title that ran to four successful editions. Here is a completely revised and up-to-date manual on financial reporting for bank and company accountants and business decision makers. Previous editions of the book have been adopted onto banking and finance courses at many universities and business schools such is its practical approach and comprehensive coverage. This new book has been substantially edited to include all current financial reporting standards. It is a text that examines in detail the reporting and back office requirements for bank accounting across an increasingly diverse and complex industry. This text will also prove invaluable to those studying corporate accounting to an advanced level.

Price : 1,750 ฿
Structure of Accounts 3rd Edition (English)

A practical Guide to Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards

This simple but invaluable book provides an explanation of how to interpret and prepare balance sheets and other simple accounts that is unrivalled in its clarity. Users include students of accounting and finance, business managers and self-employed people who need a quick course in understanding accounting information. With numerous worked examples and simples of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, the book guides the reader through all the basic skills of business analysis including depreciation, ratios, double entry bookkeeping and specialized presentations.

Price : 1,750 ฿
The Monetary and Financial System 6th (English)

Starting with a review of the properties and pricing of financial assets and the function of financial institutions, this new book deals in depth with the different financial markets and products. Full analysis of the UK money and capital markets is provided alongside the workings of the equity, fixed income, Eurocurrency and eurosecurity markets. Derivative products, hedging strategies and the role of clearing houses are then defined and analyzed. Market regulation is discussed and analysis provided of interest rates, exchange rates and corporate and personal finance.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Bank Treasury Management (English)

The expansion of financial regulation across Europe is expertly and clearly summarised in this new text. While focussing on the key areas and drivers for regulation, the author sets all the principle activities of any bank treasury function in the context of existing and forthcoming regulation.

Identifying, monitoring and managing risk exposure is the dominant theme of the first third of the text. Market, Interest rate, Foreign exchange, Credit and Operational risk are all covered in detail. The legislation itself is then provided in overview with its impact discussed in depth. Banking Supervision under the FSA along with legislation in the EU and US is included. The final third deals with the markets themselves and includes explanation of the rules and documentation governing the Eurobonds, Gilt and Repo, Futures and Options.

Price : 2,800 ฿
The Business of Banking 2nd Edition (English)

An updated edition of this user-friendly guide to the nature of banking in the modern financial services industry. The book explains how banking works, covering subjects such as payment methods, funds transfers, collecting and paying banks and the principles of the banker-customer relationship. It also gives an overview of the legal status of money in its various forms and features a new chapter on insolvency and how its legal implications have affected lending behaviour. The book is based on a text used successfully for several years as part of the Business and Finance degree offered by the University of Loughborough.

Price : 945 ฿
Treasury Management 3rd Edition (English)

This well-established and respected text is now available in its third edition. A team of treasury specialists have worked together to update the book to account for the changing environment. Coverage is as detailed as ever and includes treasury operations, supervision and control, financial instruments and financial, derivative and capital markets.

Price : 2,800 ฿
The Capital Markets and Financial Management in Banking (English)

In this massive and truly remarkable work, authors Hudson, Colley and Largan present the most comprehensive and orderly book for treasurers and financial managers in banking ever published. While the problems and opportunities inherent in contemporary banking are presented, the core of this book is devoted to understanding and using the capital markets in the broadest sense to enhance the overall strength of banks, finance companies, and other supernumeraries.

Price : 3,150 ฿
Corporate Lending and Securities (English)

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the business of lending to corporates from the lender’s perspective, including debt requirements, corporate reporting and monitoring and the legal nature and requirements of different types of lending and related documents. Essentially a practical text, the text highlights good lending advice which is to be followed and bad advice which should not.

It covers all the elements integral to the provision of good lending advice, from providing effective customer service to managing risk by taking security.

Price : 1,750 ฿
Managing Relationships in a Corporate Bank (English)

Developing the themes of customer relationship management into the sphere of corporate finance, this unique text examines the specific drivers, skills and techniques required by banks in order to build and retain corporate clients. The text takes core elements of marketing and relationship activity and applies them to the specific requirements of the corporate bank’s clients. Themes such as delivering corporate capability, portfolio and key account planning, referral networks, industry profiling and presenting customer focused solutions are all discussed in detail. Aided by the extensive use of case studies and illustrations, this text provides a clear, accessible manual of best practice in obtaining, managing and building good relationships with corporate clients.

Price : 1,750 ฿
International Corporate and Investment Banking-Practice and Law (English)

Transactions with corporates, both in the UK and abroad, carry an onerous responsibility for ensuring the right documentation is adhered to. The legal problems that can arise in such instances are many and varied and it is important to have a firm grasp of the ways in which financial institutions can safeguard against such problems. This textbook provides all the essential elements relevant to individuals working within corporate or investment banking, from the principles of private international law, through the structure of loan agreements to mergers and acquisitions.

International Corporate and Investment Banking – Practice and Law begins with an introduction to the principles and practice of international banking law and the different bases of jurisdiction. The book then looks in detail at the documentation that evidences commercial and international banking transactions including facility letters and loan agreements, primary and secondary syndication, documentary credits, swaps and project and acquisition finance.

Mark Largan, MBA, BSc, FCIB, DipFS, MSI, ACIM, FRGS, FSRA, has spent many years in the corporate banking sector dealing with the legal and practical issues of cross-border finance. He currently works for Credit Agricole Asset Management in the City of London.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Corporate Banking Law and Practice (English)

This book provides unparalleled coverage of the legal relationships, obligations and requirements in the corporate banking arena. It contains all the essential elements of law relevant to individuals working within the corporate banking sector, from the basic rules of contract to the legal status of the banker/customer relationship and the legal requirements relating to loan agreements and facility letters.

Price : 1,750 ฿
Applied Lending Techniques 2nd Edition (English)

This is a unique evaluation of lending theory that stands back from accepted day-to-day practice and draws on the extensive experience of the author. It adopts a practical ’lessons learned’ approach and has been written by a senior practitioner who has held an executive position within Barclays Bank for 20 years managing UK and international corporate lending.

Price : 1,750 ฿
Business Lending (English)

Here is a manual of best practice concerning the lending of money to businesses. It assesses the methods by which a financial institution may seek to manage credit risk at portfolio level and demonstrates how to assess a lending proposition based on financial and nonfinancial factors. Methods of assessing an application include industry analysis, lending to different types of business, management and financial assessment, security and pricing.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Bankers’ Lending Techniques 2nd Edition (English)

The new edition of this popular title has been greatly expanded. This expansion to twice the length of the previous edition reflects a widening of the book’s scope to cover the impact of new techniques of lending assessment as well as legal issues concerning lending to corporates and private individuals. It features whole new chapters on acquisition finance, franchising, factoring and control of a lending portfolio. It also offers a perspective on the increased use of technology against traditional lending techniques. The book is now divided into five sections that examine the general principles, personal lending, corporate lending, special types of borrower and finally different ways of lending such as leasing.

Price : 1,225 ฿
International Trade Finance 8th Edition (English)

Already an established text, International Trade Finance, has been extensively revised for this new edition. As ever, it is an excellent guide for all students and practitioners who seek to acquire a sound understanding of international trade finance including foreign exchange and support services for exporters, importers and merchants.

The book is in five parts: the first sets out the rationale for the development and growth of international trade. Part two analyses the practical applications of hedging techniques and also foreign exchange and settlement procedures. The third assesses the role of documents used in international trade and analyzes the way that documents are linked inexorably and logically with shipping and payment terms. Part four examines the implications of the various financial and non-financial services from the point of view of the exporters. The final part analyzes documentary credits from the applicant’s point of view, and then evaluates the benefits and drawbacks of various specialist forms of documentary credit.

Price : 2,800 ฿
The International Guide to Foreign Currency Management (English)

Financial Managers rarely find a one-stop source for a complete course on currency management. Gar y Shoup builds a foreign currency management program from start, showing managers and their risk consultants how it is done “in the real world.”

This extensive text covers ever ything from trends in exchange rates to understanding pricing determinants. The market for currencies, price forecasting, exposure and risk management, managing accounting exposure, managing strategic exposure, etc. is covered in detail.

While at Merrill Lynch, Gary Shoup helped to pioneer hedging techniques in foreign exchange by combining features of forward and futures contracts. In 1990 Mr Shoup formed his own company as an Introducing Broker and a Commodity Trading Advisor.

Price : 2,870 ฿
Multi Corporate Strategy and Finance (English)

This book enables the reader to understand the strategic and financial needs and problems of international and multinational corporate groups and to identify and apply ways in which these needs can be met through the bank and capital markets.

This is achieved by providing readers with the frameworks and models to gain a greater understanding of large, international and multinational corporate groups – their strategy, problems and needs and by helping the reader to identify the most appropriate products and financial instruments to service the needs of these customers and deliver optimum solutions.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Foreign Exchanges An Introduction to Currency Management (English)

Published in association with the Association of Corporate Treasurers

For every student of international currency trading and management, this is an invaluable introductory text. Having explained the fundamental structure and characteristics of the international markets this book examines the analytical skills required to trade currencies and manage exposure to risk as part of the treasury function. As such this book would serve as an ideal accompaniment to a detailed text on specific types of transaction.

Price : 1,750 ฿
Law Relating to Financial Services 6th Edition (English)

The well established guide to the law as it relates to corporate and retail banking, cutting  to the core of the legal (and non-legal) rules. Besides covering legislation it also details the statutory Codes with the latest versions in full and a commentary on each one.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Understanding commercial contract negotiation (English)

You’ve been involved in weeks, or sometimes even months, of hard-fought negotiations. However, the deal is not done until it is written up—not until the final form of contract is agreed upon and executed. You have to have a basic understanding of commercial contracts and all their ramifications every step of the way.

Price : 2,870 ฿
Understanding Confidentiality Agreements (English)

This book explains the essential elements necessary for a complete confidentiality agreement. You will learn how unscrupulous players use confidentiality agreements to gain an unfair advantage, and how to avoid getting “caught.”

Price : 2,800 ฿
Understanding Tenders (English)

Samples of tender conditions and documents are included to illustrate to the manager capital expenditure, of intellectual property and variations to the scopes of works and pricing. The book also explains legal issues, such as liquidated, force majeure, indemnities, and so on.

Price : 1,400 ฿
No Images Online Business Law
Commercial & Intellectual Property Considerations

Online Business Law a commentary on the law affecting business conducted online and aimed at legal counsel or communications industry professionals with a need for definitive sources of information. Key issues analyzed include a look at the European Directives as applied in UK law together with Online contract formation, Online data protection and privacy, – Defamation and online content, Competition law, Internet regulation of banking, gaming and securities, Forming and funding online business, IT and Corporate Governance, e-Commerce Security and Risk Management and issues involving electronic transactions generally. The book includes a glossary of terms to provide a basic understanding of systems and products involved in online business together with key legislative and regulatory instruments, Industry guidelines and codes of practice. The author has an associate web-site tracking policy and legislative changes arising between editions.

The author is a partner with DL Legal LLP.

Price : 13,930 ฿
No Images IT Risk and Corporate Governance (English)

Information and Information Technology is at the heart of the modern economy and at the heart of each modern business. Understanding Corporate Governance concepts recognizes the convergence between business management and IT management and is increasingly important in the post-Enron (and Hollinger and Parmalat) age and IT governance is a critical component of corporate governance. The Turnbull report focused interest in this issue by setting out how directors of listed companies must comply with the UK’s Combined Code requirements in respect of internal controls including both financial, risk management and operational. Following Government proposals to include IT risk statements within annual audits and annual reports, this book looks at the operational risks that are Turnbull relevant from an IT perspective. By underlining the importance of IT Governance as a critical aspect of Corporate Governance it seeks to provide a guide to establishing ‘best practice’ for any organization both public and private, large and small.

Price : 13,930 ฿
e-Commerce Law for Business Managers (English)

This book is designed as a legal reference for anybody who conducts business electronically. Just as many well established businesses have been, and still are, caught out by the requirements of the Data Protection Act, so many readers of this book may well have their eyes opened by learning of the legal status of electronic money, signatures, privacy and consumer rights. Chatterjee’s approach is to extensively review key EU Directives and UK legislation from the last few years. The book’s clear and practical layout enables the commercial, marketing or IT manager to dip into and understand key legislation for themselves. The book’s scope extends beyond matters relating to on-line financial transactions. Other chapters cover issues such as concluding contracts over the Internet, the intellectual property rights of domain names and email marketing.

Price : 13,930 ฿
The International Handbook of Computer Networks (English)

This book is an essential reference for anyone directly or indirectly involved with networking. It covers the state-of-the-art issues in network technologies in the business world.

The purpose of the book is to help business managers to implement and manage network technology. It allows the management to communicate with network professionals and addresses a wide range of computer network issues offering practical and thorough guidance.

Price : 2,100 ฿
The International Handbook of Electronic Commerce (English)

The International Handbook of Electronic Commerce covers all aspects of the hot topic – e-commerce! The Handbook is designed to assist managers in implementing electronic commerce in their organizations, improving its efficiency and viability, and safeguarding and maintaining e-commerce systems. It is designed as a practical ‘how-to’ guide, offering extensive examples to illustrate practical applications. The tools and techniques in this Handbook can be adapted outright or modified to suit individual needs. Checklists, e-mail and Web Site addresses, exhibits, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions enhance the Handbook’s practical use. To remain competitive, businesses and their managers must maintain a presence on the Internet. The Handbook provides managers with a compendium of current technologies and applications.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Customer Information Management (English)

Financial Services have always been based on one key resource : information. Financial Service Organizations are about using information to assess (or give probabilities) to future events. Whether this is to predict mortality rates for life policy premiums, which customers are likely to need a personal loan to buy their next car, the rate tocharge on a commercial loan, or to authorise  an individual credit card transaction, it all depends on the flow of information.

Ultimately, the quality of information and, a businesses ability to extract value from it, is the key to competitive success or even survival. Today, the free availability of and advance  of digital technology has only served to exaggerate the importance of understanding and organizing information.

Ti is in this context that this text is intended to provide a sound understanding of the skills and knowledge required  to effectively manage information systems in the strategic context of the financial services industry. It is in this covers the topic via four main themes; Managing information in the financial services environment , change management, customer management and delivery channels.

Price : 2,800 ฿
Handbook of Computer Troubleshooting (English)

More than just a quick-fix manual for the do-it-yourselfer, this book covers all aspects of small business computing.

The Handbook of Computer Troubleshooting is a complete guide for solving the most typical problems most users will encounter. Both the new starter and the experienced user will find helpful tips to solve the more irksome, yet common, problems. Topics include: Hardware, Graphics software, the internet, Ergonomics, Keyboards, Networks, Company addresses, Utilities Software, Educational software, Printer, Monitors, Security Threats, Web sites, and much more.

Michael Bird is an architect who has integrated computer networks into his design process. Jim Pearson is a systems integrator and engineer who consults with companies who implement e-business solutions. Robert A Saigh is a full-time writer with an extensive background in software training and technical writing.

Price : 1,400 ฿
Managing Information 2nd Edition (English)

The pace which technology changes the way businesses function, develop and market their products and communicate with customers is something that affects every customer. This can be most neatly summarised as progress in the way in which information is managed.

This book explains the characteristics of information and its uses within the financial services industry. In addition to outlining the technological advances of recent years it explains techniques for data storage and retrieval and provides an invaluable overview of IT infrastructures in use in modern companies.

Price :1,750 ฿
Dictionary of International Economics & Finance Terms (English)

Over 3000 internationally recognized economics terms are given clear definitions here. Covering consumer finance, international trade, money transmission, debt, money markets and more. An invaluable reference for students and business people alike.

Price : 1,050 ฿
Dictionary of International Accounting Terms (English)

A reference work that encompasses all the most commonly used international accounting and financial reporting terms and standards. It includes terms in use for bank accounting, corporate accounts and financial statement analysis. An invaluable source for non-accountants who need to interpret analysis and financial reports produced by accounting specialists, practitioners seeking to keep abreast of new terms and for all students of finance and accounting. Covers accounting terms and principles from basic balance sheet terminology through to advanced cash flow formulae.

Price : 1,050 ฿
Dictionary of International Business Terms (English)

This is a highly practical summary of modern business language designed for anyone studying or conducting international commerce. It is designed for anyone needing a broad understanding of terms relating to business accounting, stockmarkets, wholesale and retail banking, taxation, law, trade finance, real estate and investment. It also provides explanation of hundreds of economic terms and principles. Coverage also includes many standard international terms in use in Europe and the US. If you only ever buy one business dictionary, this should be it.

Price : 1,050 ฿
Dictionary of International Trade Finance Terms (English)

A unique reference for anyone involved in import, export, transportation and the associated documentation. There are of course a huge number of codes and regulations governing international trade finance, many laid down in ICC documentation. This dictionary picks up hundreds of technical terms contained within this documentation and provides a simple explanation.

Price : 1,050 ฿
Dictionary of International Banking & Finance Terms (English)

Over 4000 terms defined in the fields of retail and wholesale banking. Right up-to-date with the regulatory environment, EMU as well as products and services provided through the increasing use of technology by financial services companies. It includes procedures and documentation in use in both front and back office functions and all international bodies.

Price : 1,050 ฿
Dictionary of International Investment & Finance Terms (English)

An essential summary of terms applicable to investing in financial markets around the world. Whether a broker, investor, company accountant, fund manager or private investor this dictionary will provide an explanation of all main stock market terms, indices and regulations. It includes terms in the field of personal finance as well as stocks and shares.

Price : 1,050 ฿
Dictionary of International Insurance and Finance Terms (English)

A comprehensive reference book dealing with specialist terms of insurance and general finance for students and practitioners. It will also prove useful to private investors. Covers all classes of insurance catering for commercial and personal concerns. It also includes all legal and regulatory classifications, agencies and associations.

Price : 1,050 ฿
The International Dictionary of Data Communications (English)

The most comprehensive and up-to-date reference book on data communication – both on-line and off-line. Each of the closes to 3,500 entries is cross-referenced for ease of understanding.

Price : 2,100 ฿
International Business Information How to find it, how to use it (English)

The emerging global economy’, ‘transnational corporation’, ‘the world marketplace’: these phrases will define the business environment in the 21st century. And here is how it works: A sports car is financed in Japan, designed in Italy, and assembled in Indiana, Mexico, and France, using advanced electronic components invented in New Jersey and manufactured in Korea. Hard to believe? Think about all the cross-border mergers and partnerships created in the last few years alone!

Changes in the economy require business professionals and researchers to learn about new sources of information, as well as to expand their understanding of international business subjects. The sources, language, document coding, and definitions are different – truly foreign. International Business Information was written to help business professionals find and use the latest and best business information, regardless of source of origin.

Price : 2,800 ฿
The International Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence (English)

This book is a must reference for all disciplines – business, science, education and engineering. This important work contains over 2,500 entries – defined, explained and illustrated – and detailed discussion of major concepts as well as topics in related disciplines. This volume is completely cross-referenced, has an annotated bibliography and an extensive appendix of World Wide Web sites on the latest trends in artificial intelligence.

The International Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence is the first up-to-date reference volume on this important, emerging discipline. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming the foundation discipline for thousands of new applications in business, science, education, engineering and research.

Price : 2,100 ฿
Persuasive Presentations (English)

Recent research in the US has revealed that corporate managers spend 50 per cent of their working day making, watching or preparing presentations. Research also identifies public speaking as a greater fear for people than such horrors as death and poverty.

Price :990 ฿
Breakthough Thinking (English)

Breakthrough Thinking is a software manual for your mind. It’s designed to ‘upgrade’ your current system for conceiving ideas. In other words, it teaches you how to think more creatively.

Price :990 ฿
Dynamic Writing (English)

The power of the written word is waning. The onslaught of email and proliferation of text messages means that we are becoming more concerned with the speed of communication than we are with the quality and clarity of the messages we send. We abbreviate more. We communicate less.

Price :990 ฿


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