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    22. Service Operation Management

    Service Operation Management is the fundamental of service and manufacturing concerning with efficiency, effectiveness, quality and cost. Service Operation Management Demo (12 of 20 slides) Service Operation Management  

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    23. Brand Innovation

    B2B Innovation Model is summary model of phase implementation, creativity model, business innovation management and implementation exploring the revenue and profit and strategic map of value chain innovation management. Brand
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    24. Business Strategy Tools

    Business Strategy Tools is the overview of all business strategic tool models from the product point of view to technology and business process strategy standpoint and management model of business
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  • 25. Managing Customer Service For Success EDISC

    Managing customer service for success is the overview of using EDISC to explain the each profile analysis and how to improve your interactive flexibility to each characteristic type of each
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    26. EDISC Personal Profile Analysis

    EDISC is the world’s fastest growing assessment profile analysis tool providing understanding oneself and the others based on profile analysis and to identify strengths and weaknesses of individual profile. EDISC
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    27. Key Account Management Worksheet Analysis

    Key Account Management Worksheet Analysis explains the conceptual framework of workflow process of key account management with worksheets including customer satisfaction measurement and relationship assessments. Key Account Management Worksheet Analysis
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    28. Retail Management Overview

    Retail Management Overview begins with the introduction of the world retailing with retail definition and strategy and planning merchandise assortments, buying system as well as information system and supply chain
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    29. Overview+Principle of CRM

    Overview principle of CRM (Chapter 1-2-3) is part of the customer relationship management 4th edition written Dr Phanu  Limmanont – provides the insight of customer  centric and customer management Overview+Principle
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  • 30. How to Enhance,Strengthen & Sustain Relationship

    How to enhance, strengthen and sustain relationship (Chapter 4-5-6) continues to explain the model of enhancement strengthen and sustainability with the example of CRM business models. How to Enhance,Strengthen &
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    31. Customer Relationship Strategies

    Add New Customer Relationship Strategies (Chapter6-9-10) explains the customer relationship strategies and foundation pillars of strategic customer care with the example of CRM business models. Customer Relationship Strategies Demo (12
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